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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 29, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> well the shut down of the bay bridge is forcing drivers to be patient tonight. this is traffic along interstate 80 in berkeley short time ago. west bond traffic just bumper to bumper as you can see. a lot of the cars came from the golden gate bridge by doyle drive. that's what you are seeing her here. drivers slowly moving trying to get out of san francisco. but take a look at the san francisco sky way. without bay bridge traffic it's
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really been an easy route that san francisco all day long. good evening everyone. i'm in for dan ashley. closure of the bay bridge lasts 4 more days as cruise work to get the new eastern span ready for drivers. fit big project is paving at the toll plaza should be finished in a matter of hours. cal-trans says the bay bridge project running on time and trouble free so farm. you can see from sky 7 hd much of the conversion involves committee monthly issuing about 1,000 feet of the old bridge. heather got firsthand lack at the work on the bridge today. >> work during the closure can be divided into 3 main project. demolition. completion of the road surface at yurba buena island and grinding paving striping and that's about it. >> work is progressing very well. we have not had any hiccup or hitches. >> 1,000 foot section of the old westbound approach to the bridge is well on its which to
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being gone. crew on that demolition job are starting on the bridge and working back toward oakland. this section has to go to make room to connect the new pedestrian and beek path that runs along the outer edge of the eastbound deck scheduled to open tuesday at noon. >> at the tunnel the new road surface is being prepared by this morning the upper deck was finished and lower deck was more than half done. paving will complete tomorrow on temporary on ramp from the island followed by lane striping. in fact grinding paving and striping is a big part of what is happening over the closure. 1.2 million square feet of asphalt ground or torn up and 14,000 tops of asphalt brought in to pave. asphalt truck coming from pleasanton special privileges on 5 80. >> during the morning commute hours they use 5 80. truck ban is still in effect. no other truck allowed on 5 80. save asphalt trichblingt at peek
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time 400 workers on the bridge working in shift 24 hours a day aiming for the scheduled tuesday 5:00 a.m. opening. >> construction scheduled has something called float tonight. breathing room vl in case something goes wrong. very, very slim chance we are not going to make the tuesday morning opening. we have sean nothing yet that indicates we would not make tuesday morning at 5:00 o'clock. >> the only back up this evening at the bay bridge toll plaza the asphalt truck ready to make their delivery. they have about 25 to 30 minute commute from please anton chp says which is pretty good clip keeping construction rate on schedule. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza abc 7 news. >> take a look at this time lapse video from our camera on yurba buena island crew hard at work converting path to new eastern span. bridge scheduled to open to traffic again by 5:00 a.m. tuesday as heather mention the day after labor day. now 101 to the san m te'o bridge really resembled a parking lot this morning.
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morning news traffic reporter says we can expect more of the same tomorrow as for other trouble spots. 238 to 8 80 to get tout bridge that was particularly busy today. folk also heading in the northbound direction to get to the richmond san rafael bridge and then coming down through marin to get to san francisco. so we did see those particular areas pretty busy. >> extra run to accommodate commuters today exploratorium bay ferry service says ridership up 57 percent compared to yesterday morning. bart trains packed in the evening rush hour standing room only on the taken just after 7 tonight. so farther agency reports increase of 61,000 more passengers today compared to the same time last year. bart operating 24 hour service through labor day. bay area commuter seem to cope without the bay bridge thanks to a lot of warnings about the closure and public transportation. bart saw significant bump in
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ridership. 7 news reporter checked on the evening commute. >> commuters took the all the warnings to heart took advantage of bart tonight commute at the embarcadero station. bart carried almost 31,000 more passengers this morning compared to this same date 1 year ago. some people even tack advantage of bart 24 hour schlts 6800 passengers rode pwarlt between midnight and 4 a.m. dennis and ann said they were fortunate to get seats. >> we climbed on at pleasant hill and got a seat and they didn't stop until 2 stations early on. >> there were certain seats that certain people usually sit in. so there was that. people regular got kicked out of the seat. >> yes. most likely. >> this banker booked hotel room last nature for meeting this morning. >> we decided to come in last night to avoid the morning commute. >> good strategy. >> very good strategy.
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>> here's a rare sight. parking lot half empty. seen that some workers taking days off or taking public transit. >> how many cars can you normally park here. >> maybe 200 car. >> how many cars do you have right now. >> now 85. >> traffic lighter than normal at market and drum street where famous wayne operating shoe sheen stand for 30 years. not good for business. >> any idea how much money to lose if it's dead like this for the next few days. >> kim 100. >>reporter: near by restaurant said nobody cancelling reservations but quieter than usual. >> you can seat condition on ball through her and not see a soul but don't. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> stay with us for live coverage throughout the bridge klovrnlt we'll be streaming the cal-trans morning briefing at 7 in the afternoon briefing on abc 7 news at 4 every day. also we are live at
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3:00 o'clock monday for the official chain cutting ceremony and morning news begins half hour early at 4 tomorrow and tuesday. >> other news now san francisco police announce today that truck driver is at fault in an accident that killed a bicyclist. 24-year-old woman was struck by white box truck at sixth and folsom street on august 14. the driver was not initially cited after the accident. police chief greg sir said investigation by officers did find the driver responsible for her death. investigators now handed over their findings to the da. >> being presented to the district attorney office today. that's the standard procedure for them to make a charging decision if any. >> announcement follows allegations from san francisco cycling community criticizing police for mishandling this investigation. >> the treasury department today said the irs will now recognize all same sex marriages for tax purposes until now same sex couple have been prohibited from filing
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jointly but supreme court in june struck down the defensive marriage act that ban the federal government prosecute granting any same sex marriage benefit. irs will now allow giant stat to us any legally married kim even if those couple have moved to state where same sex marriage is not recognized. federal appeals court has upheld california ban on gay conversion therapy for children. the law is the first of its kind in the nation but it has been on hold since opponent took to it court. it prohibits psychotherapy aim at making gay use straight. >> there is progress to report tonight rim fire burning in and around yosemite national park. wildfire now green to nearly 200,000 acres containment also expanded its now at 32 percent. evacuation advisory that was in place for tuolomne city lifted. sign firefighters slow the spread of the fire. it will not be fully contained for several weeks. >> also getting this unique time lapse look at the fire from video shot by the national
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park service from inside yosemite you can see what many visitors to the park have witnessed. lots of smoke from the rim fire in the distance. some of the heaviest and dark east color smoke coming from the forest is being created by flames that are con assuming entire groves of trees. >> process of picking up the pieces continues in fair field where 15 homes damaged or destroyed early this weak and fast moving fire that spread from the freeway shoulder to the neighborhood. today city leaders met with residents and some want to know why there wasn't more defensible space behind their home. story now from l laura. >> this was one moment of joy. amid so much sorrow for fairfield verna and jean. >> nothing else comes out of this it dent matter doesn't matter now. >> the family photo pulled from the rubble of the gray's home. until then all the cup coal do is sit and wendy burch as firefighters and their grown children sifted through the
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charred debris. looking for something. anything they could salvage. >> bring tears to my eyes. i don't crime i feel in like crying. >> 39 years of our life living in this house. l raised our kivltd our grandkids. tl all gone. >> several of the gray neighbors did foughtless their homes in tuesday 7 alarm fair but the flames came awfully close. >> it could have been stopped. it could have been stopped. >> they blame the city for if the cutting the tall grass behind their homes part of 30 foot wide strip that separates their back yard from the sound wall near where the fire started. >> i want the city to take the blame. that grass back there was cut this fire wouldn't even happen. >>reporter: who did you understand should be cutting that grass. >> either the city or the county or state or somebody. >> tease not owner property. >>reporter: but fairfield
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public works director george hicks says they need time to research exactly who is responsible for maintaining the grassy property behind the homes. >> only thing i confirm is that the property line go to the back wall. there appears to be an easement in the back. i'm looking into the ownership and responsibility associated with that easement. >>reporter: now while the city determines what if any responsibility it has for the spread of this fire, the community is rallying around these residents to help them newtown lives back together. for instance local ford dealership has pledged to donate 100 dollars for every car they sell this labor day weekend to the fire victims. in fair field, laura, abc 7 news. >> still to come. imposter at your door. lost pet fake animal control officers claim to be looking for. also nfl settlement over concussion related injuries. reaction tonight from man who mid football in san jose and quarterback for the chicago bears. >> i'm spencer in the
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accu-weather forecast center. some hot spots around the bay area tomorrow and show you where in my accu-weather forecast in a moment. >> silicon valley titan gear up in friendly robot competition. show you mor
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fv. >> massive settlement fit between the national football league and thousands of former players who say they are forced to live with devastation following all those concussions they suffered on the field. dan harris on whether nfl is doing enough. >> today helmet removes for now an issue that could have threatened the very existence of pro football america secular religion and bring immediate why the medical financial relief for former players dealing with injuries they believe are the result of on field concussion. former players like running back kev than turner, 44-year-old hobbled by als. >> he has been getting along with the problems and not worrying about having a mine.
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>> look at the video. according to es p f big blow like this can be the equivalent of taking a sledge hammer to the head. more than 4500 former players sued the nfl as well as the family of players like junior who committed suicide and later found to have a brain disease called cte. which has been linked to concussion. there were allegations that the nfl deliberately covered up the risk from players like the legendary quarterback mcmahon girlfriend now has to program his home dress into the gps in his car so he doesn't get lost. >> they knew about it. and they didn't tell us. just lick flat outlying. looking in the face and lying to you. >> not having to open up the file. not having to open up the book. nfl gets a chance to not be campaigned in way that could have been very embarrassing. >> in the court filings you wrote nfl glorified the hyper violent collision most likely to lead to head trauma and orchestrated difficulties
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information campaign to conceal the resulting brain injury. so by settling have you let them off the hook. >> no. unless somebody thinks paying 7 60 million dollars is letting somebody off the hook. then by that definition yes. but we didn't. >>reporter: critic said settlement too small but the money will bring immediate relief for the league 19,000 former players every one of whom eligible for medical exam. those with cognitive impairment further testing and treatment and those with serious illnesses will get up to 5 million dollars. this is abc news new york. >> big settlement between the giants and dozens of low wage employee. today the labor department announce the team has paid nearly 5 45,000 dollars in back wages and damages to 74 workers at the major and minor league level. an investigation determined that clubhouse employee were working more hours than were recorded. mainly league baseball and government now working to ensure that all teams follow federal labor law. >> burlingame police now
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warning neighbors of snake scam there. investigators say woman posing as animal control employee talked to rest dent in letting her search the back yard for sneaks while second person then went into the house and stole coin collection. the woman matches the description of the person union city police say pulled off a similar robbery. here's the sketch of that many would. she's describe as heavy set latino female with broncs type accent 5 foot 2 inches tall with blonde hair tucked under a baseball cap. victim say she wore a khaki uniform with dried glued stains. if you see her call police. all right time now to get a check of our holiday weekend forecast approaching. it was very warm today. >> it was very warm today. going to be even fact hot in someplaces to. cool down over labor day weekend. look at live doppler 7 hd. low clouds fog against much of the coast line writ now. pushing locally through the golden gate out over the bay but mostly clear skies right now as you can see clearly from our sutro
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camera shot looking out over san francisco. not much to see over the bay area except clear sky. temperatures right now 62 san francisco. 67 across the bay oakland redwood 70. 68 san jose los gatos and 63 at half moon bay. live view now from our roof top camera looking towards the ferry building out over the embarcadero 67 at santa rosa. 65 at nap a.novato 68. 70 fairfield and concord livermore and one final live view of the golden gate bridge with little evidence of fog at the moment but there is some along the coast. these are our forecast feature with 80's of fog near the coast and bay tonight. but not very far inland. warmer in all areas tomorrow t.tomorrow even warmer hot in some spots. cooler though for the holiday weekend. right on into monday. here's look at the radar satellite composite image you can see that we have disturbance to our north. showers in the pacific northwest and to our south. thunderstorms this afternoon producing flash flooding parts of southern california but here in the bay area no disturbance
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just clear skies and mild conditions starting forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. going that the morning hours and afternoon tomorrow we see fog near the coast tomorrow but it's sunny from the coast line inland and very warm. we have high up to about 70 on the coast and mid 90's inland but over the next couple day westin animation we see high cloud moving through on saturday and sunday which bring temperatures back down again to mild levels won't be cool but just won't be very, very warm by tomorrow. over tonight tonight lack for again patches of fog near the coast and bay. low pressure on mild side mainly upper 50's to low 60's. in fact probably more low 60's than anything else. then tomorrow afternoon watch the temperatures rise in the south bay. see high of 86 at san jose. 91 at morgan hill. 93 at gilroy and peninsula 84 at redwood city and mountain view. coast 66 at pacifica. 70 at half machine bay. downtown san francisco high of 72 tomorrow. one of the studio lights just went out so that's
9:21 pm
why maybe issued stand over here. see me better. >> yes. >> 67 in sunset district north bay 90 at santa rosa and nap a.92 at calistoga. east bay look for high of 82 at oakland and union city. 84 castro vaechlt inland east baylow mid 90's. 93 walnut creek livermore and pittsburgh and 94 at antioch. alaska weather 7 day forecast. warming on saturday but not so pardon me as to. temperatures drop-off 4 or 5 degrees in on sunday we see high inland only at 86 degrees. sunday monday in fac fact. labor day. mailed pleasant and mostly sunny. just a little bit cooler than tomorrow will be and tomorrow is hot in someplaces. >> sound lake it. >> lacking for cal down over the wean. >> welcome back to the light spencer. >> coming. new way to get around the bay area. launching today the program to get more people on 2 wheels. >> plus why a town is getting millions of dollars just to millions of dollars just to plant flowers
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subpoena. >> san francisco san jose and 3 pen la cities kicked off a new regional bike sharing program today. carolyn explains how it works. >>reporter: and they are off exploratorium mayor lee and others taking the inaugural spin. 700 of these distinctive blue bike are now available to the public 24-7. at 70 stations in san francisco, san jose and other peninsula citie cities. >> downtown city and the growth we are having getting rid of
9:26 pm
cars is a huge deal. >>reporter: here's how it wor works. cyclist use a credit card to buy a membership for a year, 3 days or just one. during that time they can take as many 30 minute jawnts as they would like. if you ride longer you will have to pay more. >> if put the key in the slochlt it turns green. lift up the back seat. >>reporter: each has gps system and other anti-theft did he vases. >> i think a good start. and everything is paid for. beth the bike. the stations. >>reporter: the 11 million dollar pilot project funded by several agencies including mtc. those who gave it a go were impressed. >> get to see the city. you are not always stuck in a cab or whatever. you can stop where you want. they have a lot of stations around. >>reporter: freeze bc where they too have a bike share program. also one in montreal where this couple lives. in san francisco, we see a number of accidents there is concern about a flood of newbie on the
9:27 pm
street. >> there noise arguing that it's dangerous when there is cars and bikes on the road but i think if everybody would just slow down and obey the rules of the road we could all get alon along. >> another 300 blue bike are expected on the street early next year. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> lego not just for kids any more. rather complicated creations took center stage today at the lego robot challenge in san francisco. team from facebook, pan door a-yahoo flicker auto desk compete to see who could come up with the best robot design with mind storm kit that is released next month. it won't be cheap. idea behind the event is to encourage creativity and make engineering more accessible for young people and children. >> news crew take interesting image as they cover the shut down of the bay bridge. this one from reporter jonathan bloom shows the new span there in the background and rusted
9:28 pm
old cantilever span in the foreground. january thon tweeted this photo today. he is at bloom tv on twitter. >> coming up next. john thon story about the demolition work. under way right now on the old bay bridge. hear what will happen to the rest of the span plus. >> i'm in san jose where police train educators and others involved with children on how to rae respond if facility are ever taken over by intruder with a gun. >> that story coming up. >> after debating what to do about syria, dramatic vote in britain today. what it means for the united states and possible military intervention.
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>> the yes to the right. 2 72. the no to the left 285. the no have it. the no have it. >> british parliament tonight voted against getting involved in 90 million tear strike against syria. this is a stunning loss for british prime minister cameron and by extension the united states. president obama was counting on england support to punish assad rae jeem over chemical weapon attack. president likely there's act on his own. here's jim avila. >> president hyped closed doors meeting with members of the national security tee. already label unhappy warrior by "time"magazine. promising 90 million tear action will be limited and tailored. today is spokesman emphasize to go war weary american people the u.s. is not planning an all out attack on syria or military attempt to topple assad. >> what we are talking about here is very discreate and limited. >> white house making the case
9:33 pm
syrian chemical weapons threaten our ally. turkey jordan and israel. our military bases and embassy in the middle east. end of the world in general. because allowing the use by sir why only encourages other dictators and terrorists. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he agrees but wants more consultation with congress before the president acts. >> this is serious as it gets. you will engagement u.s. military. consequences for doing that. consequences for not doing it. >> the president saying 90 million tear option will be limited and targeted. this is abc news the white house. >> federal government announced today it will not block law in colonel republican and democrat 0and washington that legalize marijuana. memo sent today to federal prosecutors the department of justice outlined 8 priority areas for enforcing marijuana law in all 50 states. they include keeping pot out of the hands of my nor preventing profit from going to criminal open rigs and keeping marijuana out of states where it is currently illegal. hundreds of south bay educator
9:34 pm
learn a lesson they hope they never have to use. what to do if theyen counter intruder with a gun. police from the city of san jose and the university join together to train them in new response program. vick lee has the story. >> staples bad people do bad things. >> 3 things would you do that make a difference. run. hide. fight. >> mission of police who organize this training session was clear and to the point. >> state wide and protect our children, educators and community. >>reporter: mantra was run hide and fight. or defend as san jose police prefer to call the last option. hundreds of educators and staff from park, library, community centers and museum tmd takened those with facilities where children gather. >> if you find yourself in the middle of active shooter event.
9:35 pm
>> they watched a realistic video that similar lited shooting in a school. somewha somewhating by an armed intrud intruder who easily enters the campus. >> he looks into a building from outside and unlocked exterior door. he came through unlocked security gate. >> gunman began shooting as students run for their lives. >> you are going to be the first rae responder. first one there. you may the last one. >>reporter: this active shooter training program was developed by police chief from santa clara county after the sandy hook elementary school tragedy and other high profile mass shootings. participants we spoke with said the session gave them a reality check. >> i think it's important it's not something we think about on a daily basis or we put out of our maindz that an event like this couldp had a. >> places brief those here on how they would respond to active shooter. they asked us for obvious reasons not to disclose the strategy except to
9:36 pm
say that the main goal was to eliminate the threat. abc 7 news. >> deliberation in the case of ex danville police officer accused of setting up phoney drunk driving scheme came to halt today. he's on trial and prosecutors accuse him of helping private investigators sit up drunk driving bust in exchange for cocaine. one jawr spoke english as second language admitted he was having trouble understanding the jury instructions. he was replaced and deliberation restarted this afternoon. >> workers race to open the new eastern span of the bay bridge work already under way to demolish the old one. jonathan explains how they will take did you know the massive structure. >> new bridge days away from opening sky 7 hd captured video of workers starting to remove the concrete decking on the old bridge. first smallest step in
9:37 pm
tearing down what many have called an eye sore true engineer sees the beauty in it. >> 2 plates creating an act and sometimes a flat plate with an angle that's to keep from it buckling. actually almost delicate. grpd mother old lace doyley. >>reporter: brian is in charge of taking the intricate work apart. tough task. >> this is highly strained system and almost like a bow and arrow that is strung and as you take it apart you can't just snap the bow and arrow. thing will explode the. 80-year-old is covered in lead paint. it's rusted and brittle and entirely different material from the steel we use today. >> you can not weld on most of the steel. rivet or bolt tonight. >> cal trans found way to demolish the old bridge start with gaping hole rate in the middle. >> this is going to be a fantastic moment. one of the most fantastic moments of the entire 20 year program. >> if you took a movie of the
9:38 pm
bridge built 80 years ago and played it in reverse that's how cal-trans plans to take the bridge apart. starting from the middle working their way out. >> we are going to dismantle the bridge. essentially opposite of the which they put it toke. >> in the 1930s the bridge came together from both endsment workers once again create a gap in the middle next march and deconstruct the bridge using a working virtual model as a guide and few piece for museum exhibit but one thing up in the air. what happens to the trol. >> that's a good question. >> there is still no answer on the fit of the steel sculpture built by worker where the bridge failed in 1989. but now cal-trans is promising one thing. >> patrol will absolutely find a new home on the new bridge. watching over drivers as they wacht old bridge disappear. >> this is 7 news. >> terrifying moments on the race track when the driver loses control and trapped by flames. how he managed to get
9:39 pm
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you. >> land slide in southern china took out a home. you can watch as the building slowly slid down the mountain. there you see it. whole think was caught on local security camera. fortunately no one was hurt. traffic was stopped for hours. land slide was caused by continuous heavy rains in the area. >> few hours to the east someone took this cell phone video of police officer saving the life of small boy hanging off the 7 story balcony. officer slowly crawled across holding the railing until he managed to reach the boy pushing him in there to safety. >> just horrific speedway crash was caught on camera. driver
9:43 pm
on race track in pens virginia lost control and flipped his car during a race. the car then turned into a raining inferno. as l john explains, that driver managed to walk away. >> seems impossible to believe driver mike could have ever survived the massive flame seep here engulfing the race car. >> he was hyped the wheels of the race a week ago when he lost control on a turn. >> watch as fuel medley starts pouring out of his overturned car. pooling directly upped naevt him. trapped. and screaming for help. >> rescuers again to lift cart then suddenly a fire ball. still stuck inside. for several ex cawsh 88thing seconds the fire completely engulf the car. when it caught ferry got to get out. i have a family at home. don't want to die here today. >>reporter: then the lens goes white as rescuers put out the
9:44 pm
fire. >> kind of lost myself in the flame. for split second. felt somebody arm come grab me. pulled me rate out on the ground helped me walk away from it. >>reporter: incredibly able to one away uninjured. not only that but he also manageed to get back in the same car just 30 minutes later to finish the very next race. coming in fifth place. >> actually win to us even though we didn't within the rest. glad we got become on the track. l fear out of myself. >>reporter: thinks abc news new york. >> town in england planning more than 150,000 flowers thanks to the dying we shall of investment pwaevrng. keith owen diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and told had he weeks to live. he decided to leave his life savings more than 4 million dollars to the town of syd mouth with directive to plant i million flowers. he visited his mother and planned to rae tire there. town is now in the first phase of plentying more than 150,000
9:45 pm
daffodil and crocus bulb. what a legacy. >> hotel wad comes to san francisco. up next on 7 news at 9. movie being filmed that at 9. movie being filmed that put a parade of vintage car
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> san francisco north b beach neighborhood turned back the clock today. beat nicker a.vintage car with big fin from the 50's are drove down green grant street as filming continued on the new tim burton movie. director shot ago 16 for the new flick big eyes about artist margaret and walter keen and court battle over the artwork. passers by were awe struck. >> we thought we saw tim burton
9:49 pm
but it wasn't. i really weren'ted to see them. >> step back in time the. really great. i'm visiting from florida so added to the adventure. >> movie star adams and wallets several store front on green street changed to make the neighborhood look as it did in the 50's. the the step back in time 30. let's get one last check of a forecast now with spencer. >> okay carolyn things looking good we head that labor day wean. we see clear sky over most of the bay area right now tomorrow state wide mainly sunny warm from parts of central valley fresno south ward another stormy afternoon. we had thunderstorms rumble through southern california in the deserts area this afternoo afternoon. flash flooding and that may repeated again may rae peteed tomorrow. back in the bay area tomorrow sunny sky from coast inland. warm in the coast. high up to 70 degrees. low to mid 80's around the baylow to mid 90's inland.
9:50 pm
here's alaska weather 7 day forecast. very warm day tomorrow. saturday will be warm as well but not so warm as many to. high around 90 on saturday. cool down on sunday and monday which is labor day but pleasant mid 80's inland mid 70's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast pretty mild and warm-up again more summertime level end of next week. >> odd summer. last part quite cool. >> larry is here now with sports for us. >> a lot of pre-season football game. they may have struck gold with the ridiculousie receiver. fourth round pick out of laws an tech and all he
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. we are on the new
9:54 pm
bay bridge for the first real view of what it is like coming out of the tunnel and on to the new eastern spaichbility also the decision on that patrol you just heard about. we now know what will happen to at the time old bay bridge famous good luck charm, the trol. join us tonight at 11:00 but right now larry here with sports and seeing the niners and raiders tonight. >> yes. niners wrapping up the pre-season tonight in san diego. kaepernick a little cameo appearance. real goal in the game make sure nobody gets hurt. thener faithful make the trip to ocalala. loving tonight san diego. kaepernick one drive for the niners. and hears how it ends. quick pass to pat 10. rookie out of the louisiana tech. play maker down the side line 43 yards. finishes up with nice dance but i think he got some miley. patrick willis hurt but filling in nicely. interception on charlie san diego territory setting up better and better more rest. look at dixon.
9:55 pm
many in the end zone. niners leading 34-sex in the fourth quarter. raiders in the final pre-season game against the seahawks. hard hat open. russell wilson 80 yard drive and hands off to robert turbine on 3 yard run. buyer starting tonight. he will be the no. 1 man ahead of flynn. 31 yards and that ball is not well thrown. kicked off by thurman. ford on the play. seahawks win this game 22-6. biggest worry if the nfl business wise is concussion rae lited injuries. is reached agreement with 18,000 former players and will pay out 7 65 million dollars for concussion rae lateed brain injuries. as part of the deal the nfl admits no liability or any admission that football caused long term brain damage. this began with former players including dorsett mcmahon and late junior filing a lawsuit. maximum award will
9:56 pm
be 5 million dollars per affected player. on to baseball. this game really hurts. 1 out away from sweeping the tigers. one out away and that's when things went terribly wrong. >> max trying to become the first pitch tore reach 20 wins this year didn't happen. got him early and up muscle up 2 runs blast in the first. 2 zip a in a flash. roughed up. 6 runs in 5 innings. moss i want some. at the hit 7 homers in the last 10 games. that was the 25th with a lead. trouble for the tigers. big slugger cabrera with pulled groin or lower abdominal discomfort. day-to-day. bottom 9. 2 on 2 out. raining tl he's enraged after giving up a walk off homer to hunter. good tonight
9:57 pm
game over drive home safely. allowed 4 runs in the itching. all came with two outs. 7-6 the fichbility a's fall to 3 games back of texas. rangers have the tonight off. began tonight. san jose state feature ago new head coach. opening with sacramento statement ron making the spartan debut following mike mcintyre and happy to have david fail package quarterback hitting generals for the 31 beyond all reasonable doubt touch down. 123 receiving yards for generals in the first half. then failed. nickname is never fails. like spencer christian. hits noel. 17 nothing at the half right now. sparty leading 24 zip in the fourth quarter. last week some talk about the 2014 big game played at the niners new stayed you. kind of fut rall site deal. cal not going to go for. that it could be cal year to host the game. bear fans out
9:58 pm
remaininged because why put the game if santa clara when you have a whole new stadium. little ms. stanford settle down. carolyn bleeds cardinal red. they spent 300 million to renovate memorial stadium so didn't want to go anywhere els else. game played at cal. 24th rank usc at hawaii. defense laying the ball and sacked. just about punched through a wall in the sports department. this is horrendous we allow this to happen. to nelson. and usc leading 20-fifty half. i might have some money on this game. first game of the college football season yes we had a safety. this is carolina a north carry lean a. look at connor shaw. why can't we get him? l if 65 yards we need a quarterback in hawaii. mike
9:59 pm
davis. this is a guy with burst. i love that. 75 yards. he ran for 115 total south carolina wins 27-10. reminder. we kick off our season opening edition of lexus after the game saturday night recapping the highlights from week one right after georgia clemson after the game right around 8:30 on abc 7. calmed down by then. >> can't guarantee that though. >> can't guarantee. thanks for joining us everyone. from all of us here see you on 7 at of us here see you on 7 at 11:00
10:00 pm
frank: damn, i'm bored. come on, let's do something. dennis: well, we're a little busy here, frank. what the hell are you reading? in touch. in touch? why would you read that crap? we are trying to stay in touch with what's happening in the world. yeah, i'm sorry if we like to keep ourselves informed.


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